How To Wear OFF-WHITE To a BBQ

T-Shirt S/S

Material: 100% Cotton

$ 485

Short sleeve oversize T-shirt fuchsia arrowed logo printed on back and "Impressions" font on the torso. Wide crewneck for a leisurely fit with 100% cotton.

Color: Off White Fuchsia

Sweat Shorts

Material: 100% Polyester


Very basic off-white color meshed shorts, fitting very lose and easily mobile while wearing. Main logo prints on the back of shorts with the fuchsia detailing and "Impression" font. Mesh material makes the shorts very light and thin including an elasticized waistband, perfect for general outings.


Material: 100% Polyurethane $325 Pre Order Arrival: Jan 31

Classic black slides with rubber soles and off-white printed black and yellow industrial back heel strap. Logo featured on each sole and left and right font on each toe slide. Brand new look for off-white introducing a new way to include the industrial strap on the heel of footwear.

Bags/ Accessories

Material: 100% Cotton


White denim cross body bag completes the outfit, including an adjustable white belt strap intertwined with the classic yellow industrial shoulder strap. Contains one zip up pocket on the front of the bag and two on the very back. This bags main use is a pure style piece to be worn considering its only 13cm in height and doesn't give you a lot of storage space.